Wairarapa Water is leading the development of community wide water storage projects in the Wairarapa. Our aim is to deliver infrastructure-based climate change solutions that build a vibrant and resilient Wairarapa. This is based on six years of investigative work by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to ensure the region does not run out of water.

We recognise that building the Wairarapa’s resilience as we face climate change challenges is complex and that a number of options, including possible nature-based ones, are being explored. That is why a Wairarapa Water Resilience Committee for the region has been established, and we are working closely with it.

We are also working with a wide range of groups including Wairarapa Iwi, landowners, businesses and Councils, and are aligning with the Ruamāhanga Whaitua Implementation Plan.

Our project

Currently we are working on the Wakamoekau Community Water Storage Scheme (WCWSS). The proposal is off-river water storage which only captures excess water with no negative impacts on surrounding waterways. The water will provide for rivers, towns, industry, land-use change, and rural supply. The reservoir will be capable of supplying 28 M m3 of water per annum at greater than 90% reliability.

Wakamoekau is part of the solution for protecting communities and ensuring the health of our catchments. It has been investigated in detail and is progressing well with wide support from a diverse group, including our Government.

WCWSS involves construction of a reservoir in the hills north west of Masterton

Water resilience for our region

There are a number of initiatives for creating resilient Wairarapa communities and ensuring the health of our catchments, as such, the Provincial Growth Fund is supporting the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency Ltd, (led by the Wairarapa Water Resilience Committee), to develop and produce a Wairarapa Water Resilience Strategy. We are working closely with the Committee to ensure alignment and information sharing to benefit the whole community.

The Chair of the Wairarapa Water Resilience Group, Dame Margaret Bazley said everyone involved had agreed that a strategy that would cater for Wairarapa’s water needs now and into the future must be developed.

Why is water storage required