Water Principles

The Wakamoekau is contingent on abiding the Government's 'Water Principles'

PGF investment principles for water storage:


  • Water storage will strengthen regional economies by shifting land use to higher value, sustainable uses, while avoiding increase in livestock intensification.
  • Water storage will help address disparities in Māori access to water for land development


  • Small scale community projects will be supported rather than mega irrigation schemes.
  • There must be public benefit from government funding of a project.
  • Projects will involve stronger partnerships at the local level, including with regional councils.
  • The Crown Irrigation Investments Limited’s (CIIL’s) programme of work will not be progressed, although communities that were involved in CIIL initiatives can submit PGF proposals that align with PGF objectives.


  • Water storage proposals should demonstrate the they will support land use that does not increase - and ideally reverses - negative impacts on water quality.
  • Proposals should maintain the health of waterways.
  • Water storage will not be used to increase the intensity of ruminant agriculture or other land uses in a catchment where this puts greater cumulative pressure on water and risks compromising water quality.
  • Water storage proposals should incorporate activities that improve water quality - e.g. activities that improve E.coli levels and ecological health, restoration and protection projects such as improvements in wetlands, fish and wildlife habitats, riverbanks, biodiversity activities, soil health and sediment control.


  • Where practicable, proposals should contribute positively to the target of reducing greenhouse gases, and demonstrate how they will contribute to mitigating or adapting to climate change effects and a just transition to a low emissions economy.
  • Proposal should consider the potential to contribute to community resilience to climate change. Strengthening municipal water supply is not an objective of PGF funding. However, the PGF will work with councils to include municipal supply as a component of wider water initiatives, if it enables councils to contribute more to regional water management.

Climate Change